About Us

Bharat GirlUp is a Youth-Driven Organization that comes under the UN Foundation’s initiative named GirlUp Campaign. It is chained with GirUp India. It works for women’s empowerment and equality at large. Our work is basically categorized on the line which focuses on equality and brings a change in the society while being the change. We are not focusing only on females and males, we are also focusing on LGBTQ community people. The Bharat girl up works not only online it also works offline. Talking about the activities which we do;

We always did some activities where we could spread the word about equality. We organized campaigns, seminars, workshops, and sessions. We also organized different activities, different competitions. Our flagship event was VAKTAVYA which was India’s first and only debate competition of its kind. We have a team of around 50+ youth with creative minds. Along the whole change-making youth try to focus on different aspects with out of the box ideas, so that we spread awareness regarding the topic.


The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.


Equality means where each and every person of this society, state, and the country is ensuring that they have equal opportunity, rights, advantages, liberties, etc.


Empathy is the ability to 'feel' with another person, to identify oneself with oneself and to experience one's own experiences.


For those helpless children and people who need it every minute.




“Growing through what i am going through”

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Vice-President (Co-Founder)


“Failures are the Key to Success”

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