What is equality?

Equality means where each and every person of this society, state, and the country is ensuring that they have equal opportunity, rights, advantages, liberties, etc.

Where we can see equality?

  • We can see equality where people don’t have the feeling that they are discriminated against.
  • We can see equality where no one is treated differently.
  • We can equality where no one is a judge on the basis of their caste, color, religion, economic background, gender, etc.

What BHARAT_GirlUp do for equality?

  • Our organization BHARAT_GirlUp actively works for equality. It spread awareness regarding equality in almost every possible sector. Through our organization, each and every person on our team contributes to themselves by their skills and creativeness.
  • We always try to reach more and more people so, that we spread awareness regarding equality all over society and in this world.
  • BHARAT_GirlUp works not only in the online mode we also work in offline mode as well.
  • We not only speak for women and men, but we also speak for LGBTQ community people and we speak for all those people who need equality to survive their lives.
  • We speak for everyone in the case of equality.
  • We always try to help those people who want to express their point of view, we provide them that platform from where they can express themselves and become the inspiration for others.
  • We help those who want to speak for equality through various sessions, various live talks, by posting their stories, and in many other ways.
  • BHARAT_GirlUp is continuously raising its voice for equality, we hope you all will support us in this war of equality.