Preamble Reading: YouTube streaming live

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Preamble Reading: YouTube streaming live
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26 November 2020


17:00 pm-18:00 pm


Google Meet App & Youtube Live

YouTube streaming live:- On the occasion of World law day we organized a Preamble reading, in which we invited Priyanka Ahuja ma’am to address our event

The event idea was raised in the Monthly meeting of BHARAT_GIRLUP. We decided to celebrate the most dignified day of our Independent Nation, the Law day or the Constitution  Day which is on 26th November, it was so celebrated as on the same day of 1949, the Indian Constitution was adopted and came into effect from 26th January 1950. It was then decided to conduct a full-blown conference wherein the Preamble of Indian Constitution will be read by not a very well known individual but the most connected person to the same, that’s a Lawyer. The preparation started for the event in November, multiple organizations, MUNs, and other GirlUp clubs collaborated with us for the same. Many schools and Colleges came in together as well to make the students of their respective society’s awareness of the Indian Constitution and Preamble in particular. In the conference, many fragile topics were touched regarding the making and building of our Constitution. Few new amendments were discussed as well which came into action recently. The response to the event had been surprisingly well-received. Students were amazed to know about the facts about the Indian Constitution.

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