Summer Camp: Volunteer Training For Makeup

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Summer Camp: Volunteer Training For Makeup
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13 July 2020


16:00 pm-17:00 pm


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We organized a summer camp last year on MAKEUP Where a lot of young kids took part with the passion to learn something  Since we all were caught up in the cause of coronavirus most of us are doing things with full safety and precautions and most of the work online. Covid-19 caused us a lot Our special time outside our houses, Schools, Colleges, parties, And many things were all shut down to avoid the spread of this deadly virus But this thing couldn’t stop us from putting our best for y’all in spite of the trouble and trails we organized our summer camp virtually just like every other event which happened recently. We wanted to make sure our kids are fully pumped and staying engaged with the help of our summer camp. So here are some details about our event

Make up camp was a full session of the absolute skill of learning each and every shades of makeup. It was organized for our young girls who wish to pursue makeup. Not everyone knows to apply to make up it requires skill and knowledge about each thing we use. Our well-trained teachers here again gave a detailed tutorial on each and everything aspects of applying make-up. Pretty sure our girls learned it very well. All of them looked stunning after the session with what they learned. Makeup just makes beautiful things even more beautiful. Just like our girls did they tired it out and we all loved it. It was fun to watch everyone do it So we did receive some feedback from the participants

“Can you please organize more events often”,

“It was an amazing session can you please do one more again”,

“I didn’t know I could dance well thanks to you”

So these were the reaction of our participants.

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