Fest Of Nine Nights

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Fest Of Nine Nights

Bharat GirlUp is elated to bring to you some facts about one of the most auspicious festivals – Navratri. It is a Hindu festival that spans nine nights and is celebrated every year. In 2021, it lasted from September 27 to October 7. The festival denotes nine nights of reverence towards Goddess Durga and her nine avatars. It ends on the tenth day with the distribution of prasad and feeding young girls who are considered to be the symbol of Maa or Durga.

Here at Bharat GirlUp, we hosted a nine-day-long event. Each day we have had different Esteemed speakers to enlighten us with their stories. To name a few, advocate Vandana Shah, Dr. Meghali Bhattacharjee, Lata Mishra, Youth activist Devika Malik and several others. It was an enchanting interactive session filled with the cusp of emotions and taught us the basic ethos and credentials of life. It was indeed a memorable event – lessons and memories of which will last forever.


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