<font color="#000000">SAFETY OF WOMEN IN INDIA</font>


Woman is God’s best creation, yet the worst sufferer. She does not feel safe inside or outside the house
and even india,a country where females are worshipped, is not a better place for women.
According to the National Crimes Records Bureau (NCRB), India recorded 88 rape cases every day in
2019. NCRB report highlights that rape vulnerability of a girl or woman has increased up to 44% in the
last 10 years.
Every day there are cases of brutal murder, protest, demonstrations, online petition. She gets blamed
for being out at late hours, for wearing revealing, western dresses, for being in male company and what
not. But the society fails to understand that the problem is with people’s mindset. Instead we place
boundaries and limitations on women and stop them from spreading their winds to their full potential.
Let alone physically, now a days women aren’t even safe online. Take an example of Bulli bai app case.
Bulli Bai App is an app developed by a suspicious group (most of them are yet to be identified) across
the country to trick people and make financial gains.
The motive behind making the app is to put Indian women (mostly Muslim) up for auction and earn
money in return.
The ‘Bully By’ app was created on GitHub, the open software development site owned by Microsoft.
Just thinking about people who’re sick enough to do things like these makes us angry? But what drives
them to do it?
Reasons behind harassment of women:
1) Patriarchal mindset:
Since the start of the world, men are supposed to be the superior ones. Human beings are social
animals; it is society that shapes their attitudes, thinking and beliefs. Incidents like these exists because
of patriarchal misogynistic culture that overlooks things like these.
2) Objectification of women by entertainment industries is another reason why males take them for
granted. The way women are portrayed in film songs,music videos etc and the words used to describe
them are really very disgusting and makes us question the influence of all these songs and movies on the
younger generations.
3) Delayed punishment:
“justice delayed is justice denied”
Awarding death penalty is subject to the rarest of rare cases. Death penalty will be pronounced if the
crime has been committed in an extremely cruel and dreadful manner. The compulsory death penalty is
against the constitutional rights of equality, right to live and personal liberty guaranteed under articles
14 and 21.
Its time we put an end to all these practices collectively as a society and make this world a better place
for all those who’ve suffered till now.
“Women are leaders everywhere you look, Our country was built by strong women,
and we will continue to break down walls and defy stereotypes.”

~BY : Hitanshi Jain


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