Sex Education

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Sex Education

Being a country with the population of 138 crore, having unemployment as its major issue is accompanied by sexual violence, domestic violence, teenage pregnancy and much more. The cause somewhere lies in education being provided.

We do have a curriculum briefing about human reproduction but at such a superficial level that basic and practical understanding of the actual problems still remains unaffected. The aim of sex education to provide the knowledge to the youth regarding their bodies and sexuality is still not fulfilled. Leading, India is the 3rd largest consumer of porn content.

The data states that rape cases saw an increase of 43% from 580 till June 15 last year to 833 this year. The question arising is that how all these information is related to sex education.

What is Sex Education?

Google defines sex education as the provision of information about bodily development, sex, sexuality and relationships, along with skill-building to help young people communicate about and make informed decisions regarding sex and their sexual health.

Lack of sex education leads to rise in STIs, unintended pregnancy, sexual violence, unhappy relationships leading to sexual abuse and domestic violence and more difficulties. Even after having a great need of sex education, it’s still  considered a taboo in India. Many considered it as a Western influence corrupting our Indian culture.

The curiosity and no proper knowledge of sex and sexuality is leading to rapes. Porn objectifying and showing unrealistic content in the contrast to improper sexual guidance is leading people to engage in sexual violence as a part of sexual pleasure. Sexual problems and intimacy issues not being acknowledged leads to unhappy marriages and might further lead to divorces.

In 21st century where information is no more bonded till teachers or schools or books, Children are no more bound to adults for their curiosity to get satisfied. But the right knowledge can only be governed through proper guidance and education. Closing our eyes and denying to talk on a topic related to the very existence of the human species is not the demand of the time.

~BY : Isha Audichya


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