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As we know everything in the universe is correlated and tied with something. All the word support defines itself that some extra power is required to make the strong pillars of anything. The extra power can be in the form of people support to build a community, organization, or team and to take it to the next level, politicians and ministers required citizen support to be a part of democratic government, start-ups require investor support for funding to be in the market and take it to the next level. NGOs required people’s support to serve much better in the community. BHARAT_GIRLUP is one of them which also needs the support of the people. It is the organization that is reaching the next level day by day.

Who We Are?
We are young changemakers of BHARAT_GIRLUP working tremendously for the welfare and upliftment of deprived sections either they belong to the male, female, or LGBTQ community, and to support them to make a change in their lives. Our team consists of all the youths from different schools & colleges across the country working towards the same vision of equality by spreading awareness.

Females who suffered the orthodox behaviors of society like acid attack, sexual harassment, casting couch, molestation, stocking, and so on, The LGBTQ community is not getting the respect of society as it has expected to be. The organization is working with young and bright minds that have the potential to change the direction of the lives who have suffered.

Our Vision
BHARAT_GIRLUP an initiative working for women empowerment, equality at large.
Our vision is to implement practically the word “EQUALITY ” which is very beautifully described in our PREAMBLE & CONSTITUTION but only described not applied practically.
Every human being should get respect because they are humans not because they are males or females. So we are empowering the women and making them realize their unleashing hidden potential by spreading awareness. We think that men and women are equal in every sense of life whether is opportunities or social and family responsibilities. As every citizen is having equal fundamental rights to live his life fullest so we are working on it. We want that girls should get inspired by great women in our history who had put India on the world map in various fields like Shakuntala Devi( mathematics) Kalpana Chawla (space), Aishwarya rai( film industry) Indira Nooyi ( CEO PepsiCo), and the list is endless. So one must take the inspiration from them bring the change in themselves so that they can bring the change in this world.